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Taylor Swift secretly wrote the spy-novel-turned-movie ‘Argylle’.

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I started by checking out the source, a post on TikTok posted last year. Many "swifties" create crazy conspiracy theories about her album releases and things that she is involved in and that's how I think this theory had originally started, as speculation. When looking at the article posted with the claim there is no concrete "evidence" that there is any truth to the claim. It later was released that the author who wrote the spy-novel-turned-movie was in fact two authors and neither of them was Taylor Swift.




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This is false. Although Swift is known for hinting at upcoming things as a promotion, she most certainly did not write the movie "Argylle." This speculation comes after a TikTok was released speculating that Taylor Swift is the writer Elly Conway in the movie. In the video, conclusions were drawn based on Swift wearing red hair like Elly Conway or wearing a cat bookbag. The user is simply gathering minor details about Swift and the movie and came this conclusion. The movie director has also publicly denied this from being true.

Vanity Fair

Rolling Stone

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This claim is false.

The claim comes from Taylor Swift fans due to multiple connections between Taylor Swifts former projects, specifically All Too Well (10-minute version) and the actual Argylle book/film. 

Several sources have come out to say Taylor Swift was not involved in the film. The real author of Argylle, Elly Conway stated, "I’m not Taylor Swift! We both love cats and I adore her music. I’m sure that when she writes a book she will use her name and it will be as brilliant as everything she does." However, Elly Conway is made up of Austrailian. screenwriter and novelist Terry Hayes and British author Tammy Cohen.


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