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According to Complex, the singer went down after one of his concerts for the casino.

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This claim is not true. On March 14, NewsNation made claims that Mars had a gambling debt of over $50 million at MGM, with a large amount being paid off from his residency at Park MGM in Las Vegas. They also made claims that Mars "makes $90 million a year off of the deal he did with the casino, but then he has to pay back his debt… after taxes (Mars makes $1.5 million per night).” Ninety million after taxes is closer to $60 million, for those who were wondering (NewsNation). In 2016, Mars announced his partnership with MGM which led to his Park MGM residency and his Pinky Ring cocktail bar at Bellagio Resort & Casino, which opened in early 2024" (People)A representative for MGM Resorts International told Variety, "From his shows at Dolby Live at Park MGM to the new Pinky Ring lounge at Bellagio, Bruno’s brand of entertainment attracts visitors from around the globe. MGM and Bruno’s partnership is longstanding and rooted in mutual respect. Any speculation otherwise is completely false; he has no debt with MGM. Together, we are excited to continue creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.” 

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So far this claim appears to be rumors and allegations about Bruno Mar's dept towards MGM Grand Casino, where he has had a long-standing residency since 2016. No reliable sources have reported on it and MGM Casino has not released any official statement or pursued the issue legally. The only sources reporting on it so far are cites dedicated more on drama and celebrity current issues. So far we are un able to confirm or deny this claim.
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It appears that your factcheck is accurate, but it would be more helpful is you added some sources where you got your information from.
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How would you rate the claim? N/A? False? Always select a rating when conducting a fact-check. Thanks!

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