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Pop star, Taylor Swift, long limbs are insured for 40 million dollars.

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There is no available evidence that confirms that Swift has insured her legs, let alone for $40 million. The National Enquirer reported that a source told them, "She thought her legs were possibly worth a million,” the source added. “But $40 million shocked her. She’s even a little embarrassed about it.” The source also said that Swift wanted to sort everything about before her tour started in May 2023. 

There is no additional source that verifies if this information is true. All other publications who discussed this rumor do not have any hard evidence either.

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This is exaggerated/misleading and can't be confirmed.

There have been rumors and speculation, however, these claims are not confirmed and should be taken with caution as they often originate from tabloids or unreliable sources. It is common for celebrities to have insurance policies for various body parts, especially if those parts are essential to their careers, but the specific details and amounts are usually kept private.

In Taylor Swift's case, while it's possible she may have insurance coverage for her legs. The exact amount of coverage and authenticity of the 40 Million figure has not been officially verified by credible sources. A lot of the sources that pop up when I look it up are all unprofessional, for example, this People article where they insert pictures of the best moments of her legs.

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Great fact-check. I am impressed with the detail, evidence, and reasoning behind your fact-check. The level of seriousness you gave this claim is appreciated, especially since it sounds outlandish at first read. I would suggest using more sources in future fact-checks.
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I greatly appreciate your fact-check because it goes deeper beyond what one might find in a brief Google search with most results being inappropriate and unkind. I knew that it is very common for athletes to get insurance on various body parts, so it makes me wonder if Taylor Swift got insurance for her legs. Though random and unlikely, I'd agree with your claim that we have no real way of knowing until she confirms something herself. Thank you for your great fact-check!

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