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This claim is not true. This article was published after Middleton and the Royal Family underwent backlash after Middleton not being seen since Christmas Day of last year. On January 17, it was announced that she had planned abdominal surgery. She was not publicly seen after that. On Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, Middleton's social media posted a visibly manipulated photo to which she later admitted was altered (TheVerge). On March 22, Middleton broke her silence and announced she was battling cancer  and currently undergoing the early stages of chemotherapy. She thanked everyone for their support and said her and her family ""now need some time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment."

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This is inaccurate. Rumors began to circulate after an alleged photoshopped family photograph of her and children. Kate Middleton had not made a formal public appearance since Christmas Day. Shortly into the New Year, the Royal Family announced she would undergo abdominal surgery. On March 22, Middleton announced that during this abdominal surgery, her doctors found a cancerous mass and she has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy treatments and this is why she has not made a public appearance this year so far.
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Do you have sources to back up your fact-check? Thorough sources include citations and URLs. Thanks!
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The claim made earlier is not accurate. According to a published article, the Royal Family faced criticism when Kate Middleton was not seen in public since Christmas Day last year. Later, it was revealed that she had undergone abdominal surgery in January. After that, she did not appear publicly until Mother's Day when a photo was posted on her social media, which she later admitted was manipulated. On March 22, Kate Middleton announced that she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and requested privacy and support from everyone during her treatment. Therefore, the earlier claim appears to be false.

Sources: https://people.com/kate-middleton-cancer-news-came-shock-close-friends-exclusive-8620581



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