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There is no information that confirms Kate Middleton has a body double. Prior to her cancer diagnosis announcement, Middleton was seen for the first time since Christmas Day of 2023 at a farm shop. There was many speculation about her whereabouts after not being publicly seen for a while, and going through a photoshop scandal. However, Middleton, her family, nor any representatives have confirmed or denied Middleton's use of a body double.

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I am marking this claim as false for a multitude of reasons. First, we can investigate the user's twitter. Twitter is already not a good place to source news, but this user's bio states that he is a "conspiracy realist/coincidence analyser." Many of his tweets are also fact-checked by community notes, with most of them falling under false context, where there are real photos and videos but he is not describing events accurately. In this case, I believe that photo may be edited, but I do not think that Kate Middleton has a clone, as it is impossible with current technology, and probably impossible with future technology as it would be impossible to clone things like personality and memory as we know them. https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.1501798112#:~:text=It%20should%20be%20apparent%20that,Nobel%20Laureate%20geneticist%20George%20W.

While the Royal Family has been seen editing pictures before, seen here: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/princess-kate-photo-manipulated-conspiracy-theories-rcna142714, this photo was simply edited to have matching expressions, as talked about here by a photography expert, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83ef3wgZ1OY&ab_channel=Tony%26ChelseaNorthrup. All in all, cloning is impossible, but the photo may be edited, so it is possible that the photo is not entirely real, but not that it is edited so that Kate Middleton's close is indistinguishable.
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You did a great job fact checking whether or not princess Kate has a double to throw off paparazzi. I like how you went above and beyond and chose multiple sources to back up your claims. Good job!
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I agree that this claim can not be supported by evidence. I have also seen lots of TikToks claiming that Kate Middleton has a body double, but those, too, provide no evidence to support their speculation. I like that you included several different sources and also referenced things that the palace has done in the spreading of their own misinformation.
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This was an excellent fact check; I feel like this was well-researched and very thorough with the elaborations. Great work.
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Do you have actual proof or a statement that there is no body double? It is possible that the claim is true, but not widely known for security reasons, no?

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