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Redefine Meat is 3D-printing meat cultivated from animal stem cells and selling it in restaurants in Germany.

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This statement is false. Redefine Meat is a factory located in the Netherlands that uses additive manufacturing technology to produce almost 500 tonnes of steaks per month. According to a statement made by Eschar Ben-Shitrit, the CEO of the company, he prefers not to compare their manufacturing technology to 3D printing. "3D printing is a technology usually used in plastics. We developed a version of 3D printing to create our meat, and we much prefer to call it additive manufacturing," according to Food Navigator. He emphasizes that their manufacturing is at a much "bigger" scale than a small 3D printing machine. Furthermore, the company does not use animal cells to produce their meat, it is completely plant-based. The "meat"  is a plant-based alternative made with pea and soy protein, chickpeas, beetroot, nutritional yeast and coconut fat," according to The Hearty Soul. Now, the brand has become more popular and wants to reach countries like France and Italy. I have not found any information on the restaurants in Germany using the company's products.


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This claim is false, after researching the claim, AFP Fact Check made an article on this exact post debunking it. Saying the EU has not authorized the sale of "cultivated" meat


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Very concise -- it would be great to bulk up your fact-check with either background information or additional information, data, quotes (longer ones), etc. Thanks!

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