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The movie “Leave the World Behind” predicted the Baltimore bridge crash.
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After conducting research, I found that there was no proof that the movie "Leave the World Behind" predicted the Baltimore bridge crash. The source of the claim is a tweet.  The article I found confirms that the bridge in the movie is not the same. I would categorize this as false information.


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There is no confirmation that verifies that the movie "Leave the World Behind" produced by the Obamas (October 25, 2024) predicted the Baltimore bridge crash (on Mar. 27). According to Forbes, "Matt Wallace, an influencer with 1.6 million followers, used his platform to draw connections between the crash and Barack and Michelle Obama via the Netflix movie "Leave the World Behind," which the Obamas produced and which depicted an oil tanker running aground on the coast of Long Island amid a nationwide power failure. Wallace's post suggested the film somehow predicted the event and he followed up with a video suggesting the crash "all ties back to one person"— former president Barack Obama." 

PolitiFact, a fact-checking website, confirmed the location of the bridge used in the movie. "The film does not feature the Francis Scott Key Bridge. And the image in the post is not from the movie; we found a version of it on a stock image site. The original stock image shows a cityscape view out of the window, not the collapsed Key Bridge."

Neither side of this rumor has confirmed this claim.

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If there's no confirmed connection between the movie and incident wouldn't the claim be false? Or perhaps N/A, no available information? I'm curious about how you decided the claim is exaggerated/misleading.

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