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Airbnb revised its major disruptive events policy because it is anticipating large-scale government actions and lockdowns beginning in June 2024.

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Although AirBnB did recently change its major disruptive events policy, this article from fullfact.org goes into detail explaining why this claim is false. The article states that there is no evidence of any US or UK travel restrictions to be expected in June. A representative from AirBnB has come forward to clarify the intention behind changing the major disruptive events policy. Part of what the policy entails is government travel restrictions among other extenuating circumstances such as extreme weather. It is to be expected that the company would have these types of policies in place because they are based around travel and lodging. AirBnB says they have not been notified nor are predicting any upcoming government travel restrictions.

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This is simply NOT true, and seems to be coming from a place of fear mongering or disinformation. According to Airbnb , “ The changes to this policy, including its new name, were made to create clarity for our guests and Hosts and ensure it’s meeting the diverse needs of our global community. Our aim was to clearly explain when the policy applies to a reservation, and to deliver fair and consistent outcomes for our users. These updates also bring the policy in line with industry standards.” This is essentially a regular update that is being made to keep up with every changing customer needs and desires and to accommodate hosts as well. Can be found here. https://news.airbnb.com/an-update-on-our-major-disruptive-events-policy/#:~:text=This%20policy%20provides%20cancellation%20and,to%20stay%20at%20a%20location.

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This information is not true. According to fullfact.org, "Airbnb had updated its refund and cancelation policy in the case of such events, which will apply from June 6, but it has not warned about them actually happening." Airbnb has not said government restrictions are going to happen.
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Don't forget to include URL sources (re: fullfact.org). Thanks!

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