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This is a very interesting topic I must say.

First, I looked at the source you provided which was a tweet by @Antoniotweets. I was not able to find him to be a credible source and based on his posts we can see he makes very opinion based tweets. This being said I still went about to find more information regarding if the ambassadors of western countries, including the U.S., pulled their ambassadors out of Turkey 24 hours before the earthquake. I did find another other source stating something very similar and it was posted a day before this tweet, but the source is very unreliable. 

Here is the link


Given the fact that this source is not credible (aka "fake news website") and additionally there aren’t any close to similar claims I can easily say this is False.

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Nice job exploring the authenticity of the claim. You rated the claim well given the lack of reputable news outlets reporting on this. Good work! Also, Reuters fact-checked the claim after you rated it:


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