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Tributsch argued that because animals have drier body surfaces than humans (they do not sweat as we do), they are more susceptible to such electrostatic charges. Because of that, dogs and cats can predict earthquakes.

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Cats and dogs can not predict earthquakes. Seismological Society of America says that people have thought dogs and cats can predict earthquakes for many years. This was found to be false. Electrostatic charges in dogs and cats will result in potential shocks and for their fur to stand up. But, it does not give them the power to predict an earthquake. https://www.seismosoc.org/news/can-animals-predict-earthquakes/

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This claim is false.

According to Seismological Society of America, their article "Can Animals Predict Earthquakes" states that it is difficult for this statement to be confirmed. This is due to the fact that most reports in relation to this claim are single observations. It is also taken into consideration that animals sense many changes in the environment. According to the article, Foreshocks and abnormal animal behavior strongly cluster together... suggesting that at least some of the behaviors may be related to physical phenomena from a seismic event already underway." There is not enough evidence to confirm that changes in behavior indicate earthquake predictions from animals such as cats and dogs. 


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While many pet owners have reported strange behavior in their pets before an earthquake occurs, it is not true that cats and dogs can predict earthquakes. According to an article from the Seismological Society of America, there is not enough evidence to prove that these animals can predict earthquakes.

"One of the biggest problems with the animal data, Woith says, is the lack of continuous, long-term observations of animals experiencing earthquakes...Without a long record, Woith said, researchers cannot be sure that their observations relate to an earthquake and not some other kind of environmental change or long-term fluctuation in the health of an animal population or its predators."


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