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This claim can be refuted through this article: 


Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky had a meeting this past weekend in Eastern Europe where a video became viral and led to conspiracies stating how Zelensky has a body double. According to the article, a video was taken of Biden and Zelensky walking together and the text states, "A man dressed similarly to Zelensky is seen in the background and alleged to be the body double. The video was taken by Polish tabloid Fakt." While to the eye it may look like Zelensky has a body double this was proven to be incorrect by a journalist, Shayan Sardarizadeh, who is well known for reporting on disinformation and conspiracy theories. The journalist clarifies the alleged body double to be Maksyn Donets who looks nothing like the president and is instead the bodyguard. The article states how Donets was a personal bodyguard for oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and when Zelensky was elected he was made the head of Security Service for his team. 

Overall, while this footage of the video may be real, the conspiracy theory is indeed not. 

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Nice work and explanation. Going forward, you can include your source's name/organization in the fact-check rather than saying the "claim can be refuted through this article". Something like: "According to Newsweek's fact-check on the topic, Zelensky does not have a body double. The media outlet reported....."

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