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Have federal security agencies really been committing "gross violations of Americans’ rights? Have they faced no consequences?

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I like how you provided multiple credible sources that demonstrate that the government has violated some laws.
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This claim can be proven correct through the findings of this article:


In this article, the author talks about internal documents that Politico received and how they are concerned if the employees in DHS intelligence office have done illegal work. It is rumoured that officers have been visiting citizens in prisons and conducting interviews without the presence of a lawyer. The article states, "But the fact that they’re allowed to go directly to incarcerated people — circumventing their lawyers — raises important civil liberties concerns, according to legal experts." While this claim has been proven true, the officers have faced consequences based on their actions. The article describes that the program was paused last year because of internal concerns. Furthermore, it is also stated  that, "the portion of the program involving interviews with prisoners who had received their Miranda rights was “temporarily halted” because of internal concerns." This shows how the office is taking action against the accusations and trying to punish the ones who are wronged.
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Good work locating a relevant and credible source. I wonder if Politico's article actually points out that the claim is factually accurate and true. Politico states that "DHS’s intelligence professionals have to say they’re conducting intelligence interviews, and they have to tell the people they seek to interview that their participation is voluntary." So in one way, what they are doing is not illegal according to your source link -- so what would be the ramifications/consequences for something that is legal? Additionally, I see that Politico says that concerns have been raised, but I didn't notice mention of "consequences" that may have been avoided.

You also mentioned that  "the article describes that the program was paused last year because of internal concerns." So then there was a a consequence? And thus the claim could be false?

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