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New Docs in Fox News Suit Show Dominion Exec Begging Maria Bartiromo to Stop Airing Lies..#MariaBartiromo..#Fox..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#disinfo https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/just-in-new-docs-in-fox-news-suit-show-dominion-exec-begging-maria-bartiromo-to-stop-airing-lies/ar-AA18kgOm?cvid=b193e207ac50481ae568e788a2d4c5d2&ocid=winp2fptaskbar&ei=9

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This is a true claim. An article by NPR discusses Maria Bartiromo's involvement in spreading disinformation about Dominion Voting Systems. The article states that "Bartiromo was pushing false claims of fraud on social media." Bartiromo's comments came from referencing a memo that stated "Dominion's software flipped votes from Trump to Biden", while also including several other false claims. The author of the memo was not disclosed. NPR writes that "Dominion began sending journalists and executives at the network regular messages attempting to set the record straight." Dominion Voting Systems has now sued Fox News over the defamation claims for $1.6 billion.

How an election-fraud claim got on Fox News and led to a $1.6 billion lawsuit : NPR

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Good explanation explaining the situation and outcome (re: defamation lawsuit).
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This is true. According to this LA times article, there is a 1.6-billion dollar defamation suit by Dominion against Fox News that specifically sites Maria Bartiromo as a main source of misinformation about the company's products. The article explains that as a news anchor, she has a responsibility to correct her falsehoods, but she has stuck by election denying conspiracy theorists, leading Dominion to call her out.

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This claim is true.

As part of evidence collected in Dominion's lawsuit against Fox News, executives from Dominion begged the network to stop airing false claims about election fraud.

The article from Mediaite is further supported by this article from NBC news. The NBC article also discusses the significance of Dominion "begging" them to stop airing the falsities as it is unusual for a defamation plaintiff to communicate with the defendant while they are being defamed.


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