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Marcia Blackburn is saying we should be able to keep our washing machines (implying someone is coming for them), that the Biden administration wants to make them less efficient, and make us use different soap that will not make clothes smell as clean.

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The claim of the Biden Administration making washing machines less efficient - does in fact seem to be a true statement according to recent news sources, Marcia Blackburn does seem to be telling the truth while comparing her claims to recent sources. 

According to a recent source posted on March 15, 2023 titled 'Get Your New Washing Machine Before Biden Makes Them Illegal', author David Henderson provides insight from Collin Anderson in regard to the Biden Administration's plans. Even though today's washing machines use less water then their counterparts of 20 years ago, the Biden Administration does want us to use even less water - which would require washing your clothes for a longer period of time and/or your clothes will come out less clean. According to Collin Anderson, 

"Biden’s Energy Department last month proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that would require new appliances to use considerably less water, all in an effort to “confront the global climate crisis.” Those mandates would force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply, leading industry giants such as Whirlpool said in public comments on the rule. They’ll also make the appliances more expensive and laundry day a headache—each cycle will take longer, the detergent will cost more, and in the end, the clothes will be less clean, the manufacturers say.

The proposed washing machine rule marks the latest example of the administration turning to consumer regulations to advance its climate change goals. Last month, the Energy Department published an analysis of its proposed cooking appliance efficiency regulations, which it found would effectively ban half of all gas stoves on the U.S. market from being sold. The department has also proposed new efficiency standards for refrigerators, which could come into effect in 2027. “Collectively these energy efficiency actions … support President Biden’s ambitious clean energy agenda to combat the climate crisis,” the Energy Department said in February" (Get your new washing machine before biden makes them illegal). 

These mandates will force manufacturers to reduce cleaning performance to ensure their machines comply. As even addressed by the Energy Department "maintaining acceptable cleaning performance can be more difficult as energy and water levels are reduced" (Biden admin's washing machine under fire...). 

To specifically connect all of this research back to the original FactCheck claim(s): 

- Yes, Marcia Blackburn is stating the truth when she says implies someone is coming for our washing machines; The Biden Administration - as they are planning to make them less efficient which will make the machines themselves cost more, alongside components including detergent. This change in washing machine performance (using less water) could result in longer wash times yet a higher chance of clothing not being cleaned as well anymore. While I could not find any research to back up the claim of the Biden Administration is going to 'make us use different soap that will not make clothes smell as clean' (making this part of the claim: No Available Information) - it can however be assumed that detergent choices will change due to price and selection to work hand-in-hand with the new washing machine performance. I can not find information that specifically says that these detergents will 'not make your clothes smell as clean', but, if sources are saying this method of washing your clothes will result in clothes not being cleaned as efficiently anymore - it can be assumed that clothing may not smell as clean as a connecting assumption. 

While this claim is true in the sense that the majority of the people (according to news sources) are viewing this change as 'sabotage' to our washing machines - it depends on how you view the situation. While the Administration claims this is for the better to battle our climate crisis, it can be viewed as 'sabotage' in the sense that, it will make our clothing less clean then how it has been. Yet again, the use of the word 'sabotage' can be subjective to this scenario, but the majority of the people do seem to view it as such. 

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Get your new washing machine before biden makes them illegal. (2023, March 15). Econlib. https://www.econlib.org/get-your-new-washing-machine-before-biden-makes-them-illegal/

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Thanks for researching. She seems to be saying that the current washing machines we now own in our houses will be taken away or become illegal.

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) mentions what the manufacturers are saying.
The EconLib (owned by Libery Fund) gives predictions by the writer and the person he quotes.

Was hoping for some less biased sources with a factual basis.
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This claim does seem to be true according to The Washington Free Beacon "How Biden's New Washing Machine Regulations Could Ruin Laundry Day" written by Collin Anderson. Last month, Biden's energy department proposed new efficiency standards for washing machines that would have new appliances use significantly less water all to "confront the global climate crisis" (Anderson). Along with making them less efficient, they will also make appliances more expensive. The department responded to those claims by saying that "consumers will ultimately save money under the regulations through lower energy and water bills." 


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Do you think Free Beacon is a credible source? Did you check on their bias rating?

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