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Today, the second part of @[email protected]'s investigation into extremist groups masquerading as grassroots, social justice organizations. This formerly Black-owned, progressive newspaper has re-emerged as a "pink slime" media site that launders conservative #propaganda: https://www.texasobserver.org/the-dallas-express-your-go-to-source-for-right-wing-astroturf-news/ #extremism #media #Journalism #racism #politics #Dallas #Texas #USpol #TXlege

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I believe this is true based on the claims of this news outlet being "pink slime journalism". This is defined as a type of journalism which is focused primarily on making money, through attention grabbing/ clickbait. Apparently these sites also try to come off as local news to be more trustworthy.

New York Times claims that Metric Media News owns hundreds of these sites.


DMagazine claims that Dallas Express is operating under Metric Media News


A newspaper called Dallas Weekly called Dallas Express "pink slime", to which Dallas Express responded with a libel lawsuit. Dallas Weekly won the law suit, implying that no libelous claims were made.


In conclusion, if Dallas Express is a news company focused on "clickbait" designed to maximize revenue, and if they come across as local news in an attempt to seem more trustworthy, then it is not a reputable news organization.
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Great work finding so many credible sources on this claim and explaining the situation so well.

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