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Pence blasts Biden for "vacuum of leadership" on administration’s response to China, Russia https://trib.al/vvT8i4M #press

Has Biden really created a vacuumn of leadership?

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This claim an opinion of Mike Pence.

According to the Hill article linked in the post, Mike Pence made the comments discussing the Biden administrations response to Russia and China. In his comments he cited the recent visit of China's President Xi to Moscow and China negotiation relations between Saudia Arabia and Iran.

Mike Pence is a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2024. These comments are an attack at his political opponent Joe Biden.

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Your explanation is clear and concise. Good work. Going forward, don't forget to add a rating to each fact-check (false, true, misleading, opinion, etc.). Also, don't forget to add your source links (re: The Hill hyperlink).

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