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"More school employees are carrying guns to defend against school shootings. In Ohio, a contentious new law requires no more than 24 hours of training."

According to this article above, a teacher in Ohio has already equipped herself with a gun incase of a school shooting or intruder.

If legislature is not going to ban guns, should teachers carry them to keep the classroom safe?

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The decision whether or not teachers should carry guns is a highly contentious issue that has sparked heated debates across the United States. Proponents argue that arming teachers could help prevent mass shootings and protect students in emergency situations. However, opponents argue that the risks and potential consequences of arming teachers far outweigh the benefits. 

According to FutureofWorking.com's article "14 Arming Teachers Pros and Cons – Should Teachers Be Armed?" there are some potential benefits to arming teachers, such as reducing response time to an active shooter situation and providing an additional layer of defense against attackers. 

However, the article also outlines several potential drawbacks, such as the risk of accidental shootings, the potential for teachers to be overpowered by attackers, and the psychological toll of carrying a weapon in a classroom. 

Ultimately, the decision to arm teachers should be made with careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks, as well as the opinions and preferences of teachers, students, and parents. It is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of students and staff, while also ensuring that any measures taken are effective, sustainable, and respectful of individual rights and freedoms. 


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Thanks for a your detailed thoughts on this claim and the details from the article you sourced How would you rate the claim? True? False? N/A? Don't forget to add a rating to each fact-check. Thanks!
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The NEA continues, "Arming educators with guns will not make our schools safer" and "The focus on arming educators detracts from other proven strategies for preventing gun violence." The NEA recommends that schools put more emphasis on using evidence-based tactics including counseling, conflict resolution, and initiatives to avoid violence.

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Wouldn't the rating be "false" since the NEA states clearly that arming educators with guns isn't a solution"? I'm a bit confused why you selected "can't be true or false (opinion).

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