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According to Pubity Instagram account Mr. Beast bought a neighborhood for his friends and loved ones in Northern California, is this true?

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This claim is exaggerated. Mr. Beast has been buying most homes in his hometown for friends and family according to thedeepdive.ca. But, he has not bought a full neighborhood.

For more information:

Exaggerated/ Misleading
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Nice job reading the articles on this and noting that Mr. Beast has bought several homes, but not an entire neighborhood. The New York Post reported that Mr. Beast bought five homes in a cul-de-sac, though their headline (sensationalized, perhaps or click-baity), read that Mr. Beast bought an entire neighborhood. It really depends on how you define neighborhood, but it would seem appropriate to say he didn't purchase an entire neighborhood. FYI, the Oxford Dictionary defines a neighborhood as "a district, especially one forming a community within a town or city."

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It was great how you were able to distinguish the exaggeration from it being false. This distinction was made clear by your explanation.
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This is a good read on the articles and finding out collective information on Mr.Beast
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I did not look at it like this. It does state that he has bought 5 homes, which is a considered a cut-de-sac.
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This helps me understand the situation better. The article you've linked shows the houses Mr. Beast bought for his crew rather than making an exaggerated statement stating that he just went and bought a neighborhood in Northern California. However, I do think you can use some more sources to back up your claim.
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According to Kotaku and many other sources Mr.Beast did buy a neigboorhood for his family and friends to live in, this is true.

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cool!  I hope he provides the best resources possible for those people, I wonder if this will become an issue of ethics in the future.  Nonetheless, Mr. Beast is a classic case scenario of having too much money and nothing to do with it
by Apprentice (1.2k points)
I love watching Mr. Beast videos and I think what he does is very nice. He gives a lot of money away and now he bought a neighborhood for his friends and family. He is very generous with his money and giving back to people who need it.
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Its nice to see that this is true, and it is awesome to hear that Mr.Beast did something of such measures for his friends and family!
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I think it is important to remember he bought many houses in a neighborhood not a whole neighborhood.
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Nice! This seems like a good source!
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This claim is exaggerated or misleading. Mr.Beast has his own house in North California, also where he grew up, and has bought a few houses in the area for his friends, family and employees. This being said, he did not buy a whole neighborhood.


Exaggerated/ Misleading
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Nice job collecting information on this subject. It is a never misleading headline.
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Your claim does not seem to align with the factcheck you provided. The website claims that he grew up in North Carolina and you mentioned north California. You are right about the part where the claim is exaggerating the fact that he bought a whole neighborhood and the source you provided is reliable.
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Way to stick with this. However, the website does mention that he grew up in North Carolina. The article mentions that Mr. Beast "over the years purchased five homes near Greenville, North Carolina, the area where he grew up." So, he did not buy an entire neighborhood, and he also did not grow up in California.
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The claim is that Mr. Beast has purchased a whole neighborhood in North Carolina for his friends and loved ones to live in. This comes from a Instagram page, Pubity which does have alot of followers.

According to WNCT9, a local North Carolina news station, "he has purchased five, modest serrate homes centered around a cul-de-sac. With the exception of the home he bought, which in 2020 went for $263,000, the other other three homes were not advertised for sale and were bought off-market."

As well, the source also sites a man named Aaron Bowden, who personally sold his home to Mr. Beast.


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This is a good factcheck, although you claim it to be true even when the claim says northern California and not North Carolina. The source you provided says that Mr. Beast bought homes in the Greenville area, which is in North Carolina. The source seems to be good and provide reliable information.
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This is exaggerated/misleading. From Buisness Insider: https://www.insider.com/mrbeast-lives-in-modest-home-buying-area-family-friends-report-2023-5

"The YouTube star, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has over the years purchased five homes near Greenville, North Carolina, the area where he grew up, the Post reported."

"The suburban brick homes are centered around a cul-de-sac. They were not listed and were bought off-market, the Post reported."

"The friends — including Chris Tyson and Chandler Hallow — work for him and frequently appear in his videos."

It is exaggerated that Mr. Beast bought the whole neighborhood, since he bought 5 houses on a cul de sac and he bought these houses in North Carolina and not northern California.

Exaggerated/ Misleading

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