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“Med beds” can heal the body and have extraordinary healing capabilities.

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No, this is not true, because after searching online for news reports, there is no evidence showing that Med Beds have any successful cases of curing patients. According to BBC News, Med Beds are called “Cures that do not exist”. 

As the person in the TikTok was trying to figure out what Tesla is including in the canisters, which claims to be a good cure for health, she found some concrete-like substance. Tesla did not explain what the substance was, but Tesla claimed that those are priceless to maintain health. 

"For anyone who's thinking about buying one of those Tesla healers, don't waste your money," she says.

Although Med Beds and other inventions of Tesla cannot replace doctors, they believed in the high value of Med Beds. However, over the internet, there is still no evidence showing that Med Beds can cure disease and heal bodies. 

Med Beds became very popular as social media and news spread information about how miraculous it is to cure people. However, no clear evidence shows that it has these functions. 

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You should specify the difference between Tesla and Tesla Biohealing! I read through this and was at first absolutely appalled that a big company like Tesla would dabble into this pseudo-science garbage so I had to check your source in which I saw a little line which clarified that there was no relation between Tesla and Tesla Biohealing.
by Journeyman (2.5k points)
@mrock6 Thanks for pointing that out! I was thinking Elon was up to more mischief, haha.
by Legend (6.2k points)
Thank you for this deep look into what can be a rough and important topic. Well done!

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