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Saw this article about Hamas's command center being under a hospital, is it true?

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The Washington Post did an investigation into this claim and found that there is little to no evidence to support the use of Al-Shifa hospital as a Hamas command center. They mention that there was the possibility of Hamas presence under the hospital, but not to the extreme of being a command center. The CNN article was posted almost immediately after the news about the possibility of Hamas presence in Al-Shifa broke, whereas the Washington Post investigation was done nearly a month after. While both sources are considered credible I believe this to be a rather nuanced and complicated issue that nobody can be 100% sure is true or not. Through my research I believe there is not enough available information to determine the credibility of the statement. 





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Looking at all the sources you showed, I came to the same conclusion you did. Although each outlet as evidence, it is not enough information to come to a true or false conclusion. I would say most of the news coverage is misleading.

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