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Denzel Washington has terminal cancer.
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According to multiple trusted sources, Denzel Washington has not reported to have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This claim is false. I first read the article attached, and found nothing conveying that he is sick - only speculation and rumors. After doing my own research, I have found no sign that this claim is true. Each article written debunks this rumor, and provides updates on the incredibly talented actor.

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I agree with your fact check and think you did a great job in explaining and adding your sources as evidence.

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After doing research on Denzel Washington, I have came to a conclusion that he is currently not sick of terminal cancer. In 2019 Denzel was allegedly diagnosed with terminal cancer, but he has been active in hollywood with many movies being released between 2019-2024. The link used by 'zenyogi' provides no concrete evidence of such an illness, and according to Snopes and erldc.org, this is not the case. Since this story is fairly old, I checked Washingtons' family accounts both on instagram, x (twitter), and many others. Pauletta, John, Malcom Washington, Denzels wife and two sons, and I could not find any hints or mentions towards Denzels illness. A lot of information on the internet can be misconstrued or twisted based off juicy headlines, and without concrete evidence we cannot deem that the allegation is true.

Sources:  https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/denzel-washington-illness/

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This is a solid fact-check. Firstly, I applaud you for listing your sources. Secondly, I thought the break-down of the fact-check was very well thought out.
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I also found your fact-check to be incredibly thorough. I think it's great that you went on to check accounts that would be close to the source like Denzel Washington's family. However, I would say sometimes it's tricky to get clear-cut facts from social media accounts like these since people pick and choose what they want to share, and something like this would be extremely personal. Nonetheless, I think all of the work you did was very thought-out.
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You did a precise fact check and even provided links to back up your claim. That is something I should of done and I can look at your fact check as the blue print on how to face check something with evidence to go behind it
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Your fact-check was really comprehensive, in my opinion as well. It's excellent, in my opinion, that you checked accounts that would be near the source, such as Denzel Washington's family. But since users curate what they want to publish on social media, it may be challenging to obtain precise information from accounts like these, especially when it comes to something this intimate. All of the work you did was, in my opinion, quite well-considered.
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I really enjoyed reading your fact check and think that it was very in depth. I think that checking the family accounts for evidence was a smart thing to do as they would almost be guaranteed to have something related to this matter. I have a good sense of the direction i lean now after this.
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Thank you for this fact- check. Personally, I would be devastated if this news were factual. I checked the original poster's link, and I decided that the source was not credible and seemed to be an engine of falsehoods. You combatted the bad source with two great ones. Good job, and thank you for confirming that Denzel is okay!
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I really appreciate the organization of this fact check. They painted a very clear image to the reader of Denzel's past, present, and future, as well as cross checked his medical history across a variety of credible sources.
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This is a direct and clear fact check. It is obvious that you have done extensive research as to whether or not Denzel Washington has terminal cancer. While I could never know for certain, as I hold no direct ties to Washington or his family, I can confidently say that I trust your claim that the Hollywood star is not sick.
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The fact-checking provides a clear and concise debunking of the claim that Denzel Washington has NOT been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The inclusion of multiple trusted sources, such as Snopes adds credibility to the fact-checking. Plus you went to primary sources like his family and friends to see if they've said anything. Since he is/ they're public figures it's less likey that they will say something unless he does. Overall, this fact-checking effectively refutes the rumor by providing reliable sources and evidence-based analysis.

I think it's interesting that the Snopes article mentions his future/current projects to disprove the illness claim. It's a great point that adds to the argument.
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I think this fact-check does a good job of taking a dive into the family's social media accounts. I think that is one step further than most people are willing to take. We can gain a lot of clues from social media.
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Based on my research, Denzel Washington has not been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this claim is false. First, I traced this story, and aside from scattered articles and youtube videos over the last few years, it appears that this story is largely based in rumors that surfaced around December 2019. This is a fairly old story, and according to multiple fact checking websites, including Snopes, this story had been debunked even before this article was written. I have no reference to verify the credibility of SCPS Magazine, and there was never a consistent trend in multiple websites or magazines publishing this story. The article itself also speaks mainly about Denzel Washington's career, and only references "his family" as the source.
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This was concise and to the point. I also liked how you tried to find where the claim originally came from because the claim can be very confusing.
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Your extensive research that has been done to check this claim gives me a strong assumption that this article and claim is false. This news website is not a valid one either and tends to post false claims. Your concise feedback on this comment makes it less confusing for us to learn about how this claim was fasle.
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The extensive research that was done on this was laid out very well. Your analysis of all the information you found also perfectly hits a lot of what was laid out in the original article mentioned.
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Your use of detail describing the debunked earlier reports is helpful since it establishes the lack of credibility of the claim at hand.
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This person thoroughly researched this post and provided accurate information that debunked the claim that Denzel Washington has cancer. They provided reputable sources supporting their research and helped clarify where this information came from and why it was incorrect.
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Denzel Washington does not have terminal cancer according to more credible sources. It seems as though this claim originated a couple years ago after rumors were spread. I searched it up and it came back inaccurate immediately from multiple websites and sources, specifically on factcheck.org and it came up as false which solidified that it was a rumor because of their credibility.
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I appreciate your feedback. In order to enhance the credibility of the information provided, it would be beneficial to include specific sources and citations. Adding links to reputable publications, academic journals, or authoritative websites can help readers verify the accuracy of the claims. This transparent approach not only strengthens the fact-checking process but also empowers readers to make informed decisions based on reliable information.
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Your fact check is good however to make it better you should provide a source to back up these claims . I failed to provide a source as well but it’s a learning process
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I believe that your fact check is accurate, But aside from mentioning "Factcheck.org" I think it's important to link your sources. I would also propose staying away from mentioning that many credible sources proved it wrong if you aren't going to reference them.
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Thank you for this credible fact check. The research you have done on other websites to see if this claim is valid or not shows us that you want to find out exactly where this false claim came from.
by Novice (730 points)
Although your response and fact check are really succinct and clear, I believe they might benefit from further supporting data. What makes these sources reliable and where you obtained this information are the questions I have. It becomes difficult for readers to determine if they believe the claims to be credible if the sources aren't included or referenced. Including a few links could make your factcheck stronger.
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When looking at the article, Denzel Washington having terminal cancer is only mentioned once in the second paragraph.  The author of the article Alicia Martin, never mentioned the source that she got the news from that Denzel Washington had terminal cancer, rather she just stated how his family was devastated by the news.  The article is also pretty recent being that it was published on October 5th, 2023, but Alicia Martin states that Denzel Washington has had terminal cancer since December, 2019.  Doing a quick search of whether this rumor was true, many other websites, such as Snopes, did not agree that Denzel Washington has terminal cancer, nor were there any websites that backed up the claims SCPS Magazine made.

Snopes: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/denzel-washington-illness/
by Apprentice (1.6k points)
Picking through odd parts in the article posted in the fact check can help determine the reliability of the source, but other sources should still be looked at and be the key factor in fact checking claims. You mentioned that other websites state opposite of the claim, but didn't provide any links to those websites. You mentioned Snopes as a source, so you should have also linked the Snopes article to make your fact check more reliable.
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I found this helpful to me because I was able to compare my own findings to yours, which ended up being very similar. I also looked to Snopes for information on this topic and found the initial claim to be coming from SPC website, with the only resource to support this claim coming from "his family".
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I think that pointing out the minimal conversation about the claim in the whole article while it is titled as such makes the article itself less reliable. It almost feels like it was for clickbait to get people to read about other things not focused on the claim that drew in attention.
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This was a helpful fact-check in terms of sharing how the dates of this source and the information provided are based on the rumors created in December 2019. I would also add information about the legitimacy of the source, SCP magazine to provide more information on where this article lacks credibility.
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This claim is false. In December 2019 there were rumors suggesting Denzel Washington was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His publicist came out and state "he is in good health and is not suffering from any known chronic illnesses or diseases." In October 2023 It was also brought up again that Denzel Washington is not suffering any illnesses and has been in good health.



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Based on my research and evidence gathering, the claim is false. When looking at the original article, there are no sources listed as to where the claim originated, so I went to Google to see if I could find other articles that correlated to the claim, except a YouTube video that didn't have sufficient evidence for me to believe the claim. I believe this claim came from resurfaced rumors from a couple of years ago when there were claims of Denzel Washington being sick. Still, since I can't find credible articles supporting the claim, neither he nor his family/friends have addressed it, I believe it is false.

The source that helped me identify this claim as false is a fact-checking source

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Through research, it was proven that Denzel Washington does not have terminal cancer. After reading the linked article, it looks like it isn't a credible source, which means that it is not very reliable. When researching, a similar article came out in 2019 asking/claiming the same thing about his health and cancer diagnoses. There are numerous articles stating that the 2019 rumor is in fact not accurate through many news sites research and knowledge on the matter. Aside from other sources, a simple calculation and defining the word "terminal" can also answer the question. The word terminal is defined as of, forming, or situated at the end or extremity of something. If the diagnoses was in 2019, then it would have been nearly 4 years since the first news of his terminal cancer diagnoses. Denzel Washington is still alive and have an upcoming movie, which would mean that even a year or two ago, he was still working. Through various sources, it can be proven that Denzel Washington does not have terminal cancer. 




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Based on my research, the claim is wrong and Denzel Washington does not have terminal cancer. After reading the article, I saw that the only writing mentioning Washington's "illness" was that in December 2019 he had terminal cancer and that he's "...currently spending his last days in the hospital after receiving chemotherapy for a prolonged length of time." Most of the article is just talking about his career. When looking up the author of this article, Alica Martin, I found no information, I traced the picture the SCP Magazine used "of her" to find that it's a stock image. When surfing through the web, there was no evidence of Washington, or his family reporting he had terminal cancer. Several fact-checking sites like Snopes and Ground News reported these rumors to be false. Additionally, there were no big or trustworthy sources reporting on this story. 

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It was helpful to note that most of the article was just talking about his career and what kind of life he led on, without giving the audience a sense of sureness by providing credible sources with the claim.
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According to my findings, Denzel does not have terminal cancer. So many sites these days take advantage of AI and write fake stories, so it can be difficult to differentiate between the real and the fake.
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Based on the research I did on whether or not Denzel Washington has terminal cancer, it is a false claim. To start my research, I did a quick Google search and looked at the top results. I found that this claim was first made in 2019, and it continued to spread across multiple news sites since then. This was only a rumor, there were no facts or evidence to support this theory.  The claim was originally made on the SPC magazine's website. The only "liable reference" that we can look to was noted as his family.
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You did a great job utilizing Google to help make sure that this is a false claim. I like how you also called out what evidence the original fact-checked used and said why it was not good.

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