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President Biden signed an executive order saying masks will be mandatory starting on June 12, 2024.
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This is false. There is no mask mandate for 2024. After researching on CNN.com, it is clear that there is no updates regarding mask mandates in June.
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If anyone is to Google "Mask mandate 2024", there are no articles that support or back this mandate being a real thing. Joe Biden's name does not come up either, which further disproves the truth in this article.
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There are no articles or evidence supporting "Mask Mandate 2024". This is not true and Tik Tok is not a liable source that had supporting evidence. It is not a fact.  Again I could not find one article supporting this claim

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This is false if you just simply Google "Mask mandate 2024", there are no articles that support or back this mandate being a real thing. Not only does nothing come up, but Joe Biden's name does not even pull up ant all. These two factors should be enough to prove the falsity in this article.


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