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Claim: Joe Biden changed the name of Black History Month.

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According to this article from PolitiFact, the video was AI-generated and President Joe Biden did not change the name of Black History Month. The clip came from a September 2022 interview with 60 Minutes where he does not even reference the month. The article cited a recent piece from Rolling Stone talking about the prevalence of AI tools for voice cloning and deepfakes.


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Nice work finding two sources to support your fact-check. Your explanation was also clear and concise and easy to understand.
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Joe Biden didn't change the name of Black history month, it was rather a deepfake generated by AI to make people believe he said that. According to BBC this isn't anything new "Baseless claims about President Biden being a hologram, CGI, deepfake, masked, cloned, played by a body double or recorded in front of a green screen are not new. They have been spreading on the fringes of the internet for a long time, and have sometimes gone viral". I think it is important for people to be very aware of what AI can create to ensure that misinformation is kept down. 


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According to PolitiFact, there was an AI video that surfaced from an old interview with Joe Biden, and this claim about re naming the month is false. The president did not even mention the month in the interview, according to the article. False clips of the president have apparently been surfacing a lot lately, but this post was flagged.

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This is not true. According to Politifact, the video in which Joe Biden "changes the name of Black History Month" is AI-generated. Apparently, the clip shown in the fraudulent video came from a "60 Minutes" interview in September 2022. It was noted that the interview did not contain any discussion of Black History Month.


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