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Did Israelis commit a pogrom in Huwara? A real pogram?

From Wikipedia:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the word pogrom entered English from Yiddish which borrowed it from Russian. The OED gives two meanings for the word:[6]

In Russia, Poland, and some other East European countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: an organized massacre aimed at the destruction or annihilation of a body or class of people, esp. one conducted against Jewish people. Now hist.


gen. An organized, officially tolerated, attack on any community or group. Also fig.

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According to these two artcles, this is a riot in response to two Israeli men being shot by a Palestinian gunman. This would not be considered a pogrom because the Israeli protesters were not trying to wipe out all Palestinians, and this was not tolerated by officials. An official for the IDF declared the riot in Huwara to be an act of terror, and eight people involved in the attacks were detained. At least one Palestinian man was killed in the riot, and many others were injured. 



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What happened this past Sunday night is being called a pogrom by multiple right groups and certain individuals and lawmakers. There has been no official confirmation that this is being considered a pogrom. The current situation is that this past Sunday night, two Israeli brothers were killed as they were driving to their home in Huwara.

This was considered to be a terrorist attack. The attacker is suspected to be Palestinian but there has been no confirmation on this as of yet. In response to this terror attack, Israeli settlers started to riot in Huwara burning cars and buildings.

At least one is dead and countless others are wounded as a result of this. Israeli leaders, save for one, called for rioters to stop, but that did not work. Hours after the riot had begun, military forces took control of the area.








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Thanks much. So based on what happened and the definition of a pogrom, how would this be ranked?

My understanding is that it was a riot, and not organized or supported by the state or officials.
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I am not clear on how exactly it would be ranked as it depends on a person's personal perception. Given the definitions provided within this post, I would, personally, consider this as a riot rather than pogrom as it was not officially organized, but I could see how it could be considered a pogrom given the second definition of the word, "an organized attack on a group" which a riot could technically fall under this category. Granted, most news sources are considering this to be a riot, whereas certain groups and lawmakers within the county and state are calling it a pogrom. Once again to sum up, I would say that the classification would be more person to person, but I would classify this more as a riot than a pogrom.
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You did a really nice job coming up with multiple sources for your fact-check. Going forward, don't forget to add a rating to your fact-checks (re: true, false, misleading/exaggerate, opinion, etc.).

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