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According to USAToday, the video which initially began popularizing the conspiracy theory was a result of the video acknowledging the existence of the conspiracy theory. However, no one in the video confirmed that the theory was true. There is no evidence that suggests the CIA was complicit in the assassination of JFK.

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Your answer isn't sensible. Simply stating that there is no evidence doesn't factcheck RFK's claim that there is abundant evidence.
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The blog post from the Hill also doesn't provide any abundant evidence that you say is present to support the claim. Is there something more concrete and convincing? I noticed within The Hill blog post that  Kennedy Jr. stated: "Robert Kennedy Jr. said evidence of CIA involvement in his father’s death is 'very convincing, but is circumstantial.'"
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I have found that there are many different opinions on weather or not the CIA was involved in JFKs assassination, according to The Hill and a few other sources I saw it is believed that the CIA was involved. Robert Kennedy JR "there was overwhelming evidence" and he thinks it had to do with the fact that JFK did not want to send US forces to veitnam and he wanted to keep the country out of war.
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