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A medieval church in Gaza was razed by Israeli bombers. 

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It was accurate to say that the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrios was untouched at the time that this claim was posted, but that is no longer the case. 

The Washington Post reported on October 20th that "The historic Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrius, Gaza’s oldest active church, was struck Thursday by Israel as it sheltered hundreds of Palestinians displaced by the war, according to religious officials."

That same article mentions that the strike hit a two-story building within the church compound. 


The AP, which found that the church was intact during an October 12th factcheck, has updated their article, as well, adding "A week later on Thursday, Oct. 19, an airstrike toppled a wall at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrios causing serious damage and death."


The church complex has suffered significant damage, but if "razed" means completely destroyed, then it is not accurate at this moment to say that the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrios has been razed. 

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This updated check is really important! While mine was, as you said, accurate when the claim was posted, I'm super glad someone updated this check. I saw the article about St. Porphyrius yesterday and immediately thought of the check I did last week. There are sure to be a lot of new information and developments involving any claims relating to Israel and Gaza.
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This is a thorough fact-check with relevant details about the church today, which was affected by the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Thanks for including so much information and strong sources.
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The original fact check is very good and the update makes it even better. The use of multiple sources adds to the credibility of the claim.
by Novice (940 points)
Great investigation skills, going back to update relevant details about the church before and after the ongoing conflict is key. Also, great job incorporating links and supportive details that are in line with the update.
by Apprentice (1.3k points)
Great job at looking through the sources thoroughly as it shows why the claim may be false or misleading. The facts about the medieval church being razed seem to be exaggerated even though it was attacked. Your sources also provided enough evidence to prove your point. Overall, great work.
by Apprentice (1.9k points)
The usage of multiple sources and the updated factcheck compared to the real factcheck demonstrates how thorough your research was, allowing for your claim to grow in credibility.
by Journeyman (2.3k points)
Great job on providing this factcheck with accurate explanations and analyzes to support your claim.
by Journeyman (2.3k points)
Nice work with explaining with the sources found on how to prove this false and the quotes proving it as so.
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AP News debunked this claim last week, citing the church in question's officials who said it was "intact and unharmed" despite the heavy bombings. The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrios in Gaza is several centuries old and a holy site where Palestinian Christians attend mass. The church officials have been posting updates on the church's Facebook page linked here. According to AP, the church is still operating and holding services. 

link to AP article

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I enjoy how straightforward your answer was, and how sources flat out state that the claim that "A medieval church in Gaza was razed by Israeli bombers" is indeed false. Well done, straight to the point.
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This is very straight foward and to the point. It also uses a good source to add to the credibility
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This statement is false at the time it was posted. AP News invalidated this statement on October 12th, as officials in the Gaza church say the structure still stands. On the contrary, on October 19th, an airstrike destroyed the wall at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrios. But, when this Factcheck was posted, the statement was false. 


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This infomation was false at the time.

According to AP News, "Officials with the church in Gaza say the structure remains intact and unharmed during the shelling." However, a week later on Thursday, Oct. 19, "an airstrike toppled a wall at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrios causing serious damage and death."

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