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Tom Hanks wore a ‘Nope Not Again’ anti-Trump t-shirt.
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I believe you did a great job unfolding the truth behind this X post of Tom Hanks wearing this 'Nope Not Again' t-shirt. You found multiple sources supporting and backing up your claim that this photo is false.

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The claim that Tom Hanks wore a "Nope Not Again" anti-Trump shirt is false. First of all, by looking at the image where he was wearing the shirt is clearly altered since Tom's face is distorted which leads me to believe that the photo was AI generated. Even though Tom Hanks has expressed that he dislikes Trump in the past, there is not enough evidence to show that he actually wore this shirt. According to Snopes, "we found no authentic source that showed Hanks wearing a “Nope Not Again” shirt. The image appeared to be manipulated to show Hanks wearing the shirt. As such, we rate this claim as Fake." Also, after scrolling on Snopes, it has been found that this photo of Hanks is commonly edited in photoshop to deceive other people. 

Did Tom Hanks Wear ‘Nope Not Again’ Anti-Trump T-Shirt? | Snopes.com

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The photo linked to this fact check has been altered. This is not the original photo of Tom Hanks that was photographed. Your research did a good job of supporting this argument.
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This claim is false. According to Snopes, Hanks has expressed his opposition to Trump and even donated to Biden's presidential campaign in 2019. It appears the photo has been photoshopped and altered. Hanks' face has even been digitally manipulated and edited to fit this photograph. Like many other public figures, Hanks is another victim of photoshopping images.

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Notable websites like Reuters and Snopes that this picture is fake, yet it is difficult to find the original photo.



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It would be great to elaborate a bit more. Thanks!

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