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Claim: Joe Biden admitted to faking the 2020 election.

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This claim is not true. There has been an increase in AI voice cloning of prominent figures, including President Biden, and this is an example of one. PolitiFact reported on this claim and stated that "there's no evidence Biden said anything remotely like this", concluding that this was a false claim.

PolitiFact | No, President Joe Biden didn’t admit the 2020 presidential election was stolen

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The video Kelly broadcasted has been misconstrued. When Biden boasted about his anti-voter fraud group, he was referring to how he collaborated with former President Barack Obama to establish these safeguards.

Joe Biden Admits to Election Fraud in Video Confession: Here is the Truth (ibtimes.sg)

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Good work digging deeper and finding a legitimate news source that hadn't yet been used in a fact-check
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This is false. Over the last year, there's been an uptick in the use of AI to mimic people's voices, and this is a prime example. According to this interview, any voter fraud that may have happened during the 2020 election wouldn't have made a difference in the grand scheme of things. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/exhaustive-fact-check-finds-little-evidence-of-voter-fraud-but-2020s-big-lie-lives-on
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Nice work finding a thorough fact-check by a reputable source to support your own! Don't forget to mention your source within your explanation and add pertinent information or quotes.
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This claim is not true. The video broadcasted had been misconstrued and manipulated. There are no reputable sources claiming that Biden claimed to faking or rigging the 2020 presidential election. AP News actually has an article speaking about how Trump's claims of rigging in the 2020 election are false.


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