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Moderna is making a combination vaccine for influenza and COVID-19, which would be administered in one shot, and it could be ready by 2025, if the studies go well. 

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This statement is true. According to CNN, Moderna came out with a statement highlighting how their trials of a combined influenza and COVID-19 vaccine have positive effects on the immune system. The CNN article refrenced the Moderna company statement which goes into the more technicalities of the vaccine and their progress. ""With today's positive results from our combination vaccine against flu and COVID-19, we continue to expand our Phase 3 pipeline," said St├ęphane Bancel, Chief Executive Officer of Moderna.  " From the same website, Moderna states that 2025 is the targeted date for the vaccines approval. "The Company plans to begin a Phase 3 trial of mRNA-1083 in 2023 and is targeting potential regulatory approval for the combination vaccine in 2025." Additionally, Pfizer (another pharmaceutical company) states to also have progress on this combination vaccine, proving that this is not an empty promise from Moderna. According to Pfizer's website, "Pfizer and BioNTech previously announced the start of a Phase 1 trial to examine the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of their combined influenza and COVID-19 candidate vaccine among healthy adults." Pfizer's website does not mention a targeted date for approval.




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This is a very thorough analysis as to whether Moderna is indeed making a vaccine which is a combination that defeats both influenza and COVID-19. I also appreciated the fact that you used direct quotes to support your point and used reliable sources such as CNN, moderna and Pfizer to back up your claim.
by Journeyman (2.1k points)
You did a great job going into depth about the information from the sources and then providing the links to back up what you mentioned. This is a wonderful example of a fact-check!
by Journeyman (2.7k points)
Good work finding three good sources. Also, good job with including context and background information around the quotes from the articles.
by Journeyman (3.0k points)
This was a great fact check! I appreciate the fact that you included context around the situation and used multiple sources!
by Journeyman (2.2k points)
The analysis of this statement is very strong and thorough due to your usage of multiple sources while quoting and paraphrasing into your own words. You cite directly where you use specific evidence, and overall, this depicts the credibility of your claim!

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