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Hollywood action star Cedric Jones died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

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There is no known information about the cause of Cedric Jones' death.

According to The Daily Mail, "His death was 'sudden' and his wife Barbie Jones and three children have been left in shock. Out of respect for his family, the details surrounding his death are not being disclosed at this time"

While the cause of death is unknown, it is unlikely that he died from the Covid vaccine. According to the CDC, "severe reactions after COVID-19 vaccination are rare." Additionally, the CDC reported that reactions such as  anaphylaxis after the Covid vaccine "has occurred at a rate of approximately 5 cases per one million vaccine doses administered," there is no known cause of death released of the star.



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Do you think Daily Mail is a legitimate news source? I like that you added some information from the CDC.
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Good job providing as much information as you could with this topic, even when there wasn't a clear answer. You provided sources and evidence that help back it up!
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Good job adding another source to the answer since DailyMail isn't the most reliable source.
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You addressed what you could given the limited information and at least made some valuable insights. Good job!
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The information found from various websites suggests that there is not enough information on the cause of death of Cedric Jones.

According to People, the 46-year-old Emancipation star died on October 16 due to information provided by his gym. Following the news, condolences were expressed on social media, but the cause of his death has not been publicly shared. 

Furthermore, Marca states that his family has chosen to not officialize the date and time of his departure. Citing Daily Mail, "the reasons for his death are still unknown and left the family in complete 'shock.'"

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Good job using multiple sources and getting straight into the answer/information
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There is no available information regarding the cause of death of actor and boxer Cedric Jones. We do know that he died at the age of 46, but the cause of his death has not been shared. The news of his death was shared by the company and gym that he created, Beastie Boxing. Entertainment Weekly quoted Beastie Boxing's Instagram post and later on stated: "His cause of death has not been shared". The claim that he died from Covid-19 vaccine can not be confirmed to be true or false due to the lack of information provided.


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You quoted Entertainment Weekly but left a URL for E! -- did you use both for your fact-check? https://ew.com/

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