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This claim is false as it wasn’t Yemen that declared war on Israel, but people referred as “Houthi Rebels”.

According to usatoday, “There is no evidence the internationally recognized government of Yemen has declared war on Israel. Houthi rebels fighting for control of Yemen launched attacks on Israel.”

Here we see that it isn’t Yemen as a whole but a group of Houthi that seems to want to declare war and fighting over control of launching attacks to Israel. 

From ABC News, they have said, “The Houthis, who have held Yemen's capital, Sanaa, since 2014 as part of that country's ruinous war, claimed three attacks on Israel in a later military statement, without elaborating on the timeframe of the operations and whether Tuesday's salvos represented one or two attacks.”

Here is more information on Houthis and how they are fighting to gain more control and is claiming these attacks.

Sources: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2023/11/03/attack-on-israel-launched-by-houthi-rebels-not-yemen-fact-check/71437268007/


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This was a very well done fact check. You explained your findings clearly, and you used reliable sources t as your evidence.
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This fact check is very well done as it clearly gets to the point and provides immaculate sources. Great work!
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This Claim is False

Yemen's capital- Sanaa, is currently being occupied by a rebel group named "The Houthis". This rebel group confirmed they had fired missiles and drones at Israel, but these strikes are not indicative to where the country as a whole stands. The Republic of Yemen is the recognized government and has no relations with the Houthis, and recognized government has not declared war on Israel.

Not much more than that, but essentially, no, Yemen did not declare war.



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Nicely use of evidence and good to state that much hasn’t been said, but still credible to prove this claim false.

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