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This claim is false. It is important to ensure that the information is coming from a credible source. Following my research, it is clear that this information is wrong. After the information was published it quickly circulated which is harmful, especially considering the implications of political influence of an important figure.



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Hey, I like how you actually looked at more credible sources over TikToks. While these tiktoks are clearly false, they have the chance to spread farther then the truth does sometimes.
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I really liked that you looked for a more credibly source and were straight to the point.
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I like your answer, however, I feel like you would have a more substantial fact-check answer if you could explain or elaborate more on why King Charles is still alive.
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Credible sources are a good idea when fact-checking!
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Nice job consulting a more credible source. Tiktoks are normally used to spread false information with the hopes of creating drama and media traction.
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Great check! I like how you used two sources to prove this claim was false while still being concise.
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This claim is false. The information is coming from a TikTok with no real evidence to back it up. King Charles III is still alive, and there are no current reports he has passed away. He is being treated for cancer currently, but he has not died.

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This claim is false, King Charles is not dead. The Royal Family nor any representatives have publicly announced the death of King Charles. This rumor sparked after a Russian news outlet released a statement on March 18 claiming to be from royal communications, stating, "The following announcement is made by royal communications. The King passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon.” However, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the King was still alive in a statement, reading, "We are happy to confirm that The King is continuing with official and private business.” King Charles has been recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing treatments (BBC).

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The provided claim/source is false and completely exaggerated. Often TikTok creators will create misleading content to engage viewers in exchange for money and views. King Charles is not dead, it's better to report inaccurate content as it can be harmful.



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This claim is false. Despite a cancer diagnosis in early February and false reports of his death coming from Russian media, King Charles is still alive as of April 3rd, 2024

Sources that confirm this:


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Rather than saying "sources that confirm this" you can cite the sources within your fact-check. For instance, "According to NY Mag, King Charles is alive and well as of April 3. The media outlet reported ....."
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As of March 19th 2024, King Charles is still alive. In regards to the Russian media referred to in the original TikTok “ King Charles’ appearances come a day after the British government and its Moscow and Kyiv embassies had to declare that the monarch was alive amid false rumors of his death spread by Russian media” Here is the full article link: https://time.com/6958418/king-charles-iii-appearance-korean-war-event/

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This claim is false. According to this article by TIME, King Charles has been spotted alive since this false post was made, and is still receiving treatment for his cancer.



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